Urgent credit card or cash. How does it work?


Fortunately, today, in the era of mobile communication, the Internet, ATMs, electronic bank cards and online banking, the latest financial technologies allow you to get a term credit card and even a fixed term cash loan to virtually anyone who needs or needs to take out a loan. with bad credit. Well, really urgent, in a few tens of minutes, where is it more urgent?

Okay, but how do you do that?

The fastest and cheapest option. For the most disciplined and predictable

The fastest and cheapest option. For the most disciplined and predictable

This option of getting an urgent loan by cash or bank card is associated with the timely registration and subsequent honest service well known to all, and has become a familiar bank credit card (with an open credit limit). To do this, at any convenient time, you should visit the branch of any network bank, make a regular credit card with a certain (accessible) credit limit, and have it constantly with you, for extreme, “fire” cases.

In fact, after the credit card is issued, the credit money is already on it. And you can use them with any degree of efficiency, but at the moment (with the help of Internet banking). Being at an ATM can also be taken almost instantly   urgent cash loan , just cashed out your credit card.

this is just a pity that there are relatively few disciplined people among us. Most of us, having easily accessible credit facilities on a credit card – very quickly find where to spend them. Therefore, in most real “firefighters” situations, the credit limits on existing credit cards are completely or almost completely exhausted.

We honestly admit that the option of a bank credit card, as an emergency source of urgent money, is suitable only for the most disciplined and prudent of us, which in reality are very few. For many of us, bank credit cards are not worth launching at all, because they are almost “empty” almost instantly. However, usually no one can remember why and how it happened.

The most realistic and affordable option. For the vast majority of us

The most realistic and affordable option. For the vast majority of us

Well, we didn’t “get a credit card” so that it didn’t “burn our pocket” (we have an option, but it’s almost “empty”), and the situation when it is very urgent that money is needed in a “fire order” suddenly came. That’s just for such people and such “firefighters” cases there is a variant of MFIs – micro-financial organizations that specialize in issuing term loans to individuals or card or cash .

Deciding to apply to for a term credit card , you should know the following features, which can be both advantages and disadvantages:

  1. In order to get credit with the MFIs, you usually do not have to go anywhere and make an advance. MFIs exist on the Internet for their clients (applicants). Therefore, to apply to the MFI for an urgent credit card, you can be physically located anywhere – at home, at work, away, on vacation – where you can access the Internet (using your computer or mobile gadget).
  2. With all the requirements and conditions in mind, borrowing money can be really urgent – a maximum of tens of minutes.
  3. The amount of micro-credit that can be obtained in one MFI is limited, and is usually 10 to 20 thousand dollars (an average of 15 thousand dollars). If necessary, it can be increased at the same time, it is possible to execute term loans in several MFIs simultaneously.
  4. Of course, term loan is credited to a bank card of any bank that has the borrower. To turn it into a term loan in cash , you just need to go with this card to an ATM, and withdraw (cash) the credit money credited to it.
  5. many MFIs are very loyal to their customers – borrowers who by that time already have a bad credit history and who have no reason to apply for a loan with classic network banks.
  6. interest rates on micro loans are relatively high, averaging 1 – 1.5 percent per day. This is a natural fee for the affordability, simplicity of the loan procedure and the high speed of borrowing. You just need to know this fact, remember it and treat it responsibly. To minimize interest overpayments, you should repay your loan as soon as the opportunity arises.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Obtaining a quick loan from the MFI is largely based on the applicant’s fully independent, clear, accurate and correct actions. As a rule, there is no living-ndash in the MFI; consultant like any classic bank. To get a term loan on a card or cash , you must complete (pass) the following steps:

  1. Assessment of own compliance lending criteria. In order to qualify for a fast microfinance, you must strictly meet a few and simple but very clear criteria:
  2. be of legal age (18 years and older);
  3. stay on the territory ;
  4. have (best of all) a passport of a citizen , a card of an individual tax number (IDN);
  5. have a valid electronic card of any bank;
  6. have a valid contact phone number (mobile, for SMS).

And, of course, it is necessary at this time to have access to a computer device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) with Internet access.

  1. Finding and selecting the appropriate MFO. In order to find the appropriate MFO, it is enough to surf the Internet easily. Usually, credit terms are immediately found on the front pages of MFI sites. We read, study, evaluate, choose, determine ourselves.
  2. Application for loan. Such application is made immediately on the website. Usually, it takes the form of a questionnaire, the free fields of which must be entered independently:
  3. selected loan options (loan amount, loan term);
  4. to enter information about your passport data, bank card options (for which it is planned to accept credit money), contact telephone number; the applicant’s place of residence and place of work may be required at times;
  5. to carry out verification of the contact number of the phone (to receive a verification SMS on it and enter its contents in the appropriate field of the application-questionnaire);
  6. independently check the accuracy of the declared information (all this will be automatically checked against the relevant databases), and submit an application from the same site.
  7. Getting an urgent credit card. this will be a simple but troubling phase for the applicant. You just have to wait patiently for the MFI’s response to the decision on the application. If after a few minutes a positive answer is received, everything will be transferred to the card very soon. If desired, you can already begin to move to the ATM, for their transfer to cash.

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